Admissions for the Academic Year 2018-2019 is NOW CLOSED. Limited seats available for Year 10 (Terms & Conditions apply). For any further information please contact Delna on 3376661, Extn 210 in the Admissions Office.

The June 2018 Cambridge and Edexcel Certificates of  IGCSE / AS / A Level  can be collected from the Senior School office anytime between 8:30 am &  1:00 pm (Sunday – Thursday)


THE DGPS Parent Portal is now online: Click here for instructions

The DGPS Parent Portal is now online: Click here for instructions


Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards United Arab Emirates The Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards is instituted by CAIE. These awards recognize the outstanding academic achievements of learners around the world who have demonstrated exceptional performance in Cambridge examinations. Dubai Gem Private School is delighted to congratulate our students on their academic achievements in the June 2018 Cambridge examination series. The awards reflect the talent and hard work of learners, and acknowledge the dedication and commitment of both teachers and parents. Award certificates and winner packs will be distributed during an awards ceremony that will take place in December, 2018. The Management and Staff congratulate all students on their outstanding achievements.



Students participating in ‘The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award programme, can find further information on


Launch of cloth bags in collaboration with EEG & Eco Baku

Inviting Parents & Students to join us in this exciting new venture by DGPS.

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Did you know DGPS is now on Instagram and FB. Follow us on Instagram ‘dubai_gem and the facebook page ‘Dubai Gem Private School’

Nursery Admissions

Admissions for the Nursery for the Year 2017-2018 – Limited seats available

Age group – Lower Nursery – 1.3 year -2.3 years (as of September 2018)

Upper Nursery – 2.3  years – 3.2 years (as of September 2018)

The Nursery is now situated in a new location in Al Hudaiba, on a quiet street with plenty of parking space, spacious area, plenty of space for outdoor play, gardening and free play. Bright airy classrooms, “a home away from home”.

Please feel free to visit the nursery anytime between 9-11 Sun – Thurs for a Nursery tour or contact Mrs. Rumana on 0559673757 or 043453550 for further details. Limited seats as children from  the Nursery get automatically transferred to FS1 in the following year.

 Location of the Nursery: Street 3A, Villa 7, Al Hudaiba

Location map 


Invitation to join the Advisory Board

Parents, alumni members, staff members, professionals within the community who are interested in joining the advisory board are invited to submit their resumes to the Directors. After reviewing the credentials of the applicants the Directors will invite the selected members to join the Advisory Board. Members of the board must share the vision and mission of the school and must be able to think globally and put aside their personal agenda. All application should be sent to the following email address:

Please click on the link for full details

                 School Communicator (D6)- For New Admissions

We would request all parents of students (New Admissions) who have been admitted to Dubai Gem Private School this year to download the D6 communicator which is the app the school uses to communicate with Parents.

Please click on this link and follow steps involved in downloading the School Communicator If you have any problems downloading the app, kindly contact the school for assistance.

Welcome to Dubai Gem

When we look at Dubai Gem today, we see not only a full-fledged institution, but also a school which creates a nurturing environment for students. It is a renowned for its academic accomplishments, unity, and notable professional teaching staff. Currently, Dubai Gem is based on two sites: a Nursery located in Al Hudaiba, and the Foundation, Primary and Secondary School situated in Oud Metha.

Dubai Gem follows the British Curriculum leading to ‘O’, ‘AS’, ‘A’ Levels. It is affiliated to the Cambridge University of London and is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Dubai. The school aims at developing an international tone and providing an educational atmosphere that promotes  responsibility and choice. Emphasis is placed on the active participation of students in all fields, leading to their overall progress. The language of instruction and communication is English and the majority of text books used is imported from the United Kingdom.

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Dubai Gem Students take a pledge to protect  our Environment

Dubai Gem would like to thank Mr. Manohar Gidwani, Mrs. Juhi Gidwani and Ms. Laksha Gidwani the proprietor and directors of Al Lokrit International and Mr. Ashish Seta, a parent of Dubai Gem for supporting us in our endevour of building a Green Community & in distributing saplings to all the students of DGPS.  

Principal’s Newsletter –

Welcome to the New Academic Year  2018-2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the academic year 2018-2019. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new students and staff. I am confident that you will become active members of this wonderful community and participate in the many initiatives and programmes conducted during the year.

Board Examination Results: Dubai Gem continues to excel in academic achievements. The June 2018 examinations have seen our students achieve outstanding results.  The IGCSE results were commendable. 57% of all grades achieved were A*-A. 79% of all grades achieved were A*-B, with 62% of our IGCSE students achieving A*-B grades. Rameen Aslam and Partha Shetty have done us proud, having achieved 9 A*’s. Three students achieved 8 A*’s, and seven students achieved 7 A*’s. We are extremely proud of Anishaa Jaisinghani and Nandini Lalwani who attained 100% marks in Mathematics.

Eighteen students achieved A’s in comparison to nine students last year in the AS level examinations. Vimal Raj Jai Kumar secured an impressive 100% in Mathematics.

The A Level results were also outstanding. 71% of all grades achieved were A-B. Students graduating from school are moving on to study a wide range of courses in prestigious universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and across the world (Imperial College, London, Warwick, the London School of Economics, St. Georges University, London, Purdue, University of Texas, Carleton University, to name a few).

Congratulations to all our students and faculty who have worked hard to achieve laudable success in the board examinations. The results are not only a reflection of the diligence and dedication of our students, but also an affirmation of the commitment of the faculty members to the long-standing tradition of academic excellence!

Starting Points: Teachers have already been working hard to start the year off with a positive, proactive approach to learning for students. We will be collating data about students which will then be used to guide instruction throughout the year.

Productive Partnership: We recognize that in order to be successful in school, our children need support both from home and school. A strong partnership with you, parents, will make a great difference in your child’s education. We share the responsibility for our children’s success and welcome your feedback and recommendations.

We request you to support your child’s learning by ensuring that he/she:
1) Attends school daily and arrives on time, ready for the day’s learning experience
2) Completes all homework assignments given by teachers
3) Reads daily to develop a love for reading and to improve literacy skills
4) Shares school experiences with you so that you are aware of his/her school life
5) Informs you if he/she needs additional support in any area or subject

Inclusion Department: In keeping with our Mission Statement and in compliance with the DSIB Inspection Report, the Inclusion team has been strengthened with the appointment of a number of new experienced and qualified staff. The team is headed by our Inclusion Governor, Ms. Seema Mukesh. The SEND Coordinator, Ms Bhuvana Ramakrishnan and the Primary School Counsellor Ms. Bhawna Goel will be assisted by a team of Teaching Assistants and SEN teachers.

Innovation: To provide students with opportunities to enhance their critical thinking and innovative skills we have introduced STEM lessons in Years 4 – 8. We are implementing an excellent curriculum-integrated, hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Learning Programme in collaboration with Premier Genie, a leading STEM educator based in U.A.E, India and Africa. Project-based learning combined with real-life, hands-on activities powered by 21st Century Skill Set Development will give our students a competitive edge.

Online services: Continuing the efforts to upgrade and improve our facilities, this year we are in the process of introducing an Online Parent Portal wherein parents will be able to track their child’s progress in school (attendance, curriculum, etc.), fee details, transport details and personal information and update the child’s profile if required.

Canteen: Addressing the needs of the students and concerns voiced by the parents, a new vendor has been appointed. Feedback from parents, students and staff will be valuable in the ongoing improvement and development of the canteen services.

New Initiatives: The academic year began with two of our students appearing on the breakfast show on the radio station City101.6 FM! The opportunity provided them with valuable insights and exposure into the world of media and live broadcasting.

Looking forward to an exciting and rewarding academic year with many more successes and accomplishments.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and prosperous Islamic New Year 1440!


Humera Ibrahim






About Us

Dubai Gem Nursery

 The Nursery is now situated in a new location in Al Hudaiba, on a quiet street with plenty of parking space, spacious area, ample space for outdoor play, gardening and free play. Bright airy classrooms,  “a home away from home”.

Classes are small and activities are  many. Our aim is to simulate young minds by helping them to learn and develop through constructive play. We encourage them to listen and in return we enjoy watching them interact, learning to share and care and look forward to developing their enquiring minds and build their confidence.

Please feel free to visit the Nursery any time between 9:00 -11:00, Sunday – Thursday for a Nursery tour or contact Mrs. Rumana on 0559673757 or 043453550 for further details. There are limited seats as children from  the Nursery get automatically transferred to FS1 in the following year.

Age group – Lower Nursery – 1.3 year -2.3 years (as of September 2018)

Upper Nursery – 2.3  years – 3.2 years (as of September 2018)

 Location of the Nursery: Street 3A, Villa 7, Al Hudaiba

Location map

We at Dubai Gem Private School believe that every child is unique and deserves the best start in life. Children develop and learn fastest in their first years of life. In order to foster this, Dubai Gem  provides a stimulating curriculum and environment to ensure that your child has every opportunity to explore, share experiences and learn basic skills. The Foundation Stage Curriculum begins in Kindergarten and is completed by the end of FS2. There are 7 areas of learning and development in the early years setting. All areas of learning and development are important and inter-connected.

The Primary School  is a thriving, happy place where children from many cultural backgrounds are encouraged to work together and “Strive for Excellence”. Our aim is for each individual to attain their best by providing children with a holistic education based on the latest developments in the UK National Curriculum 2014, tailored so that our multi-national students can thrive. We recognise that children have individual learning needs and therefore ensure that each child has an appropriate level of work to challenge them to the best of their capabilities.

The aim of our curriculum is to provide a challenging course of study with high standards that will make the students responsible learners who can not only work collaboratively, but also be accountable for their own academic and developmental progress. Students will graduate as lifelong learners who will make valuable contributions to society. The graduates will possess the necessary skills and knowledge to empower their success in our diverse and interdependent world. Students in Year 7 and Year 8 follow a common curriculum designed to provide a broad and balanced knowledge base and learning skills appropriate to high achieving students. In the year 7 & 8, students choose one language (French, Hindi or Urdu). In addition to the full range of National Curriculum subjects, students study PSHE, Art and Design and Technology.

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